HealthyWomen: Lifetime of Vaccines

American Bar Association

With court closures, funding crises and delays of justice it’s great to know that there is another way to settle disputes–mediation. Mediation is a dispute resolution process for resolving personal, commercial, government and community disputes that keeps cases out of our beleaguered court system.

American Heart Association: Go Red For Women w/ Allison Janney

Go Red For Women, Real Women

ALS Therapy Alliance: Breakthrough ALS

In 1938, baseball legend Lou Gehrig developed symptoms of ALS and was forced to retire from the game.

California Battles Citrus Threat – Residents Called on to Help

Radio and TV PSAs in English and Spanish from California’s Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program

U.S. Department of the Treasury:

It’s Time to Switch to Electronic Federal Benefit Payments

American Heart Association:

My Heart. My Life. w/ Mariah Carey

CEA: The Importance of eCycling

New radio and TV PSAs from the Consumer Electronics Association discuss the importance of recycling you old electronics and the launch of

AHA Go Red for Women:

Just A Little Heart Attack with Elizabeth Banks


Celebrates a Year of Informing and Empowering Consumers with 3 new PSAs

Women In Government PSA’s

Mental Health Awareness, Bone Health Awareness & Atrial Fibrillation Awareness

Buy. Carry. Demand. Condoms

American Sexual Health Association: You Be the Influence