Situations Where You Need to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Accidents taking place at theworkplace is common these days and while the small injuries, like bruises and cuts, can be easily ignored, serious injuries, like broken arms, head injury, and others need the employee to stay away from work for some time. Obviously, in this period, the employer might not pay the employee which can result in many problems, which is why there are workers’ compensation policies that can help the injured workers.

However, there are many situations when the employers tend to neglect the injured employees even if they have complex injuries that make them stay away from work. This is where you need to file a lawsuit against your employer to protect your rights and claim for the compensation money that you are entitled to because of getting injured during work. For filing the lawsuit you can take the help of an Idaho workers compensation lawyer who can help you with the case.

If you’re still unsure about when you’ll need the help of a workers compensation lawyer, here are some of the situations where you should consider hiring one:

Your employer denies your compensation claims

Generally, most of the workers’ compensation insurers and employers tend to reject the compensation claims of the employees thinking that many of them will fail to appeal it before a court. Unfortunately, they are correct most of the times as most of the employees don’t appeal their claims in the court, which saves a lot of money for the employer. This is where you should act smart and hire a worker compensation lawyer, who can not only help you file a lawsuit but also will help you throughout the case.

You think that the settlement amount doesn’t cover all your lost wages

If you file a lawsuit and win the case you’re most likely to get a settlement amount from the employer. However, there are many times when the settlement amount decided by the employer is way lower than what you should get. You might not be able to figure it out and accept it which can mean that you didn’t get what you deserved. This is where a worker compensation lawyer can come in much help and can make you realize the exact amount that you’re entitles to get so that you don’t settle at lower amounts.

If you’re seriously injured and that has prevented you from returning to your job

There are injuries that can make a person permanently disabled, may it be partial or total, which could lead to a situation where you can’t work for the rest of your life. If that’s the case then you might be entitled to lifetime weekly payments that could make up for the lost wages. These cases cost a huge sum of money for the insurance companies, which is why they try to avoid paying you what you deserve. This is when hiring an attorney can help since they are very knowledgeable and know how to deal these cases.